012 – Bob Bland moderates a textile sourcing panel at TexWorld – The American Fashion Podcast


Future sources abound. This episode features a recording from a panel discussion on textile sourcing from the TexWorld trade show, “TOOLS FOR TRANSPARENCY IN THE GLOBAL FASHION SUPPLY CHAIN,” with panelists Benita Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, Source4Style; Leonardo Bonanni, PhD, CEO, Founder, Sourcemap Inc.; and Pranay Srinivasan, Founder/CEO, Sourceasy. The moderator is Bob Bland, CEO and Founder of Manufacture New York.

* There are some sound quality issues at several points due to feedback from speakers mounted in the ceiling directly over the panelists’ microphones. We have done our best to filter out the feedback noise, but were dependent on the venue’s audio system for the live source recording, and some artifacts remain, unfortunately.