019 – Christopher Grayson – wearable tech – Chindōgu Internet of Things – The American Fashion Podcast


Chindōgu Internet of Things. Charles and Lisa attended Swissnex Boston’s Zero Power Smart Fashion conference recently, heard a lot about the “Internet of Things,” and met this episode’s guest Christopher Grayson, who announced his new product, the Smart Jewel, at the Swissnex event near the end of the most recent New York Fashion Week. Joining the discussion this week, Manufacture New York chief strategy officer (and technology enthusiast), Rob Sanchez. Topics discussed cover everything from the usefulness of 3D body scanning technology for custom fit clothing, to issues with consumers pre-funding designs.



CGI rendering of Smart Jewel by Christopher Grayson
CGI rendering of Smart Jewel from Christopher Grayson

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  1. Charles Beckwith September 27, 2014 at 11:54 am

    This was a fun episode to record. I’ve been wanting to get Rob on the show for a while. Plus, I feel like electronic technology is such an alien realm for most designers, but it is something of which they really need to become aware, because unless they’re just doing couture, it will affect their work fairly soon, if it hasn’t already.