025 – Gretchen Harnick of Parsons and Pattern To Plan – American Fashion Podcast


Episode 025Gretchen Harnick (Parson’s, The New School for Design) joins the team to talk about the current fashion business environment. Is bad marketing ruining social media? Are new payment methods like Apple Pay safe to use?Why does Kim Kardashian have 20 times more online followers than Vogue? Why don’t retailers stock the new and different anymore?



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  2. Vaida March 17, 2015 at 6:28 am

    On the American risk averse culture: the designers need to understand that they are not creating solely for the US market. We live in a truly globalising world, so someone somewhere around the planet will love and buy your designs. The focus should fall on making these connections. Also, by engaging in a multicultural relationship with designers, producers, retailers and consumers new ideas would come easier too.