035 – Patrick Duffy Explains It All – The American Fashion Podcast


ep35_promoManufacture New York‘s VP of Sustainability and External Affairs, Patrick Duffy, talks about building the new Manufacturing Innovation Hub and helping fashion brands change operations to promote social, ecological, and economic sustainability. China, Vietnam, and even Sri Lanka have better facilities than we have here in New York, and Patrick is doing everything he can to change that. Also, several established labels shuttering recently, Seth and Lisa dive into what’s going on in the relevancy war.

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  1. Vaida March 3, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Interesting and timely discussion. On the point of the need to change how we buy and lust over things, especially in relation to fast fashion, it all goes down to the shrinking middle class. The growing number of borderline poor young women, who cannot afford to invest in quality, high end pieces, are forced to buy throw-away clothes. Which, in turn, reinforces unsustainable decisions taken by fashion companies and designers.

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