043 – Lexy Funk Party Time – The American Fashion Podcast


Charles Beckwith, with glitter warpaint by Saba GrayRetail, supply chains, and e-commerce strategies… Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce throws a little party for Manufacture New York and local fashion makers, called “Meet The Makers,” and American Fashion records this episode in the middle of it. Andrew Livingston of Knickerbocker Manufacturing spoke on a panel with Manufacture New York’s own Bob Bland, and you can hear him back in Episode 32. But we wanted to talk to the other person on the panel, Brooklyn Industries CEO and Co-founder Lexy Funk. The conversation with her dives deep on retail, supply chains, and e-commerce strategies. Also, Manufacture New York team members Dr. Amanda Parkes and Steven Capozzola drop in and talk a bit about fashiontech, wearables, and Made In USA developments.

“Sometimes what’s happened is we’ve increased the price and its sold even better. So, pricing is a very elastic concept. I think one always has to think about who is purchasing it, and the psychology behind the purchase, rather than the economics going into [a product].” – Lexy Funk, Brooklyn Industries