044 – Map All The Sources! – The American Fashion Podcast


Leo Bonanni of Sourcemap. talks about how his company is helping large and small business find each other and track their materials and products in transit around the globe.

Also in the studio, Manufacture New York CEO Bob Bland, and VP of Sustainability and External Affairs, Patrick Duffy. Bob talks about the Manhattan Garment District and its systematic dismantling by real estate developers, and Patrick discusses the support system Manufacture New York is creating for those manufacturers being pushed out to move into MNY’s new Manufacturing Innovation Hub for Apparel, Textiles & Wearable Tech at 850 Third Avenue in Brooklyn.

Bob asks, “what really makes a garment district?” Is it simply a place, or is it a community of people with skills with access to resources for their craft?

Despite mentioning it in the opening, we did not get around to discussing streetwear or the recent Karmaloop deal.