079 – Cindy Gallop and Frank Spadafora


Advertising consultant¬†Cindy Gallop and D’Marie Group¬†co-founder Frank Spadafora are in the studio talking about commerce, brand building, and self-promotion.



  1. Autumn Isenagle December 23, 2015 at 12:59 am

    Hello, you three, and thank yoooou! What a refreshing and informative podcast you have here. Last year, I spent one term at the Art Institute in the Apparel Design program, which left me feeling void of inspiration, applicable skills, and money. Now I’m living in a cabin in the woods (not the scary kind) and my grandmother is teaching me to sew, bless her soul. I just discovered your podcast, and while listening I have been flooded with questions about how I am actually, without schooling or any experience, going to become a designer. In this episode, Cindy eerily answered my questions in real time as they popped into my head (please tell her I plan to make clothing for women of all ages). I cannot thank you enough for making me a more hopeful and knowledgeable creator. Now that I’m finished ranting I’ll be working my way through your episode archive. Happy holidays!

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