089 – Zero Waste Fashion For The Gold


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Lisa Koenigsberg, Timo Rissanen, Daniel Silverstein, and Tabitha St. Bernard are in the studio. Lisa Koenigsberg is the president of Initiatives In Art and Culture, which produces several conferences around the fashion and luxury goods industries, and has one coming up on gold. Timo, Daniel, and Tabitha are zero waste fashion designers, and educators in that field.

zero waste highlights:

  • “If I may be so bold as to reduce this to a very simple concept: if you want to be a zero-waste designer, stop throwing things away. You might not have the solution when you start the journey, but if you stop and intercept the issue, which is waste, you an always accumulate a critical mass of your leftovers until the point where they reveal a solution to you.” – Daniel Silverstein (17:12)
  • “There’s very few items in our lives in America that we pay the real price for.” – Timo Rissanen (39:49)
  • “I think the system is desperate and broken, that we require everyone to run out and fight each other to learn the most, elbow and shove and push to get to the top, and when you get there there is nothing to be had.” – Daniel Silverstein (52:24)
  • “But then, I’m so curious, how is H&M making any money? Because if people didn’t get paid to make it, and you can’t make a living working in the store, who’s opening stores?” – Daniel Silverstein (54:29)
  • “I would say that I make clothes that are visually dynamic, and that are comfortable, and that are incredibly versatile. I take great pride in the fact that the women who buy my clothing, they wear it constantly. I just got an email from one of my customers and she told me she had a baby about a year ago, and she bought my dress a couple years ago, and she was able to sort of adjust it to fit over her belly. So, that makes me really happy. That’s how I view my clothing. I want my clothing to have a long life. I want it to live a long time in people’s wardrobes. I want them to have a relationship with it. I want them to grow old with it.” – Tabitha St. Bernard (56:36)