092 – Model Management Industry Super Episode


This episode is going to be HUGE.

Trump Model Management is being sued for allegedly fraudulent paperwork on a model’s H1B visa application. We thought this would be a good opportunity to go deep on the subject of the global model management industry.

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The Model Management Industry

Writer and former fashion model Madeline Hill talks about her experiences globetrotting for four agencies, then former modeling agency in-house counsels Ali Grace Marquart and Doreen Small, of the law firm Marquart & Small, LLP, are in the studio to talk about the standards and practices of this small but uncommonly influential business. Guest co-host lawyer Rob Sanchez of the Fashion Is Your Business podcast.

some topics covered in this episode:

Why is the same visa that’s used for foreign tech workers being used for fashion models? Why are they called model management companies and not agencies anymore? What rights do models have when they get into uncomfortable situations? How can designers help make sure the kids they hire to model aren’t getting exploited? What are parents’ responsibilities in regards to contracts, nutrition, and other accountability? What changed between the propriety of Eileen Ford and the John Casablancas era that took models into a hyper-sexual pop culture realm, and has the tide turned back now? What makes this business so aspirational and voyeuristic? What is the right of publicity in social media?

An organization called The Model Alliance (“giving a voice to the faces of the fashion industry”) is working to change laws and support models with education and emergency services.