121 – And Then Tim Gunn Showed Up


Tim Gunn

Reshoring, an awkward word for an essential concept: bringing manufacturing back from overseas. Instrumental in this process are new agile factories, able to produce at low cost in smaller quantities. One company creating such factories, and making a major difference for a lot of emerging desingers and even established brands adapting to new market conditions, is Kathryn Hilderbrand’s Good Clothng Company, on Cape Cod and in Fall River, Massachusetts.

In the studio for this episode are Kathryn Hilderbrand and two of her advisers: a public policy expert who served in the Obama Administration, Mark Linton, and fashion industry veteran and Project Runway superstar, Tim Gunn.

“Well, I think Kathryn is beautifully addressing our biggest challenge, which is to re-shore.” – Tim Gunn

What is different about these new more agile factories? What can a home sewer learn in 12 weeks that makes them ready to sew in a factory? Is the capacity for re-shoring to the United State ready, or will it be ready?

Denovation – abandoning an idea or technology, which had formerly, perhaps wrongly, been seen as progressive.

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  1. Hershey Knits November 23, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Loved the podcast. This gives me hope as someone who would like to start something like Good Clothing Company. Thanks to everyone involved!