123 – Tabii Just 2.0 – Purposeful Decisions


Purposeful Decisions

Purposeful Decisions

Already a star of the sustainable fashion world, Tabii Just designer Tabitha St. Bernard has decided she wants her company to be about more than just selling clothes. This episode explores her pivot away from wholesale accounts to being a lifestyle brand expressed though more direct customer relationships in e-commerce, trunk shows, and popups. Tabitha’s business advisor in this transition is Tessa Maffucci, who also joins us in the studio.

At the core of the need that prompted this change is the inherent lack of information about what end consumers really want and need in the tradition wholesale relationship. To change the dynamic, Tabitha has assembled an interesting customer information resource, in the form of a collective of women with different backgrounds and body types who give her regular feedback about the brand and her new product ideas. They are also contributing blog content to her website, forming an online community centered around the brand.

Charles talks about how to approach advertising your e-commerce site online.