136 – Temporary Retail


temporary retail

Pop-up stores, experience spaces, temporary showrooms, events, photoshoot locations, and other temporary space needs are the domain of a web and mobile¬†app called Peerspace. They’ve helped us gather a group of experts to talk about the relatively new but certainly growing trend of temporary retail.

In the studio for this episode are Gemma Sole, co-founder of Nineteenth Amendment; Parisa Wang, founder of fashion accessories brand Parisa Wang; Aliana Galan, Senior Project Manager at The Lionesque Group; real estate investor Fred Piumelli; Jason Levine, General Manager at Peerspace; and Rony Chammas, CEO at Peerspace.

Some of the topics on the table include retail fatigue, legal issues around temporary leases, and how landlords are adapting to the new paradigm.

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