140 – Edun CEO Julien Labat


Julien Labat

Julien Labat On Edun’s Sustainable Choices

There is fairly little true long term thinking in the fashion industry, but it’s not surprising to see it come from an LVMH brand. Edun is a very special company, with a very special mission. It was started by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono, with the intention of making sustainable high end fashion in Africa. It has been a long road with a lot of learning and building, and rebuilding, as revealed in this interview with a new New Yorker, CEO Julien Labat.

“I think you can tell that we’re going through this moment, and it’s about every brand needs to increase this conviction about who they are and the value they stand for, and being sure they offer to the customer something that is relevant but also so they cure a need. I think that the whole thing is about identifying who is the customer at the moment with all this changing, and this political and economic and social change: what the customer really looks for. And I think the answer is that the most of the customers don’t know themselves. And I think it’s where the brand’s work is really to recreate this and definitely also bringing the customer to be comfortable with their purchase.”- Julien Labat

“I think we’re going to something which is maybe a little less seasonal, but you need to still refresh your offer, and bring more consistency.” – Julien Labat