141 – Mizzen and Main – Performance Fabric Menswear


Kevin Lavelle is CEO of Mizzen and Main, on American Fashion Podcast

Mizzen and Main

Kevin Lavelle is CEO of Mizzen and Main, a menswear line that prioritizes function over tradition in its fabric selection. In this interview, the conversation covers…

  • running a clothing business from Dallas
  • competitive AdWords strategy for e-commerce
  • YachtCaptcha and the coming of SkyNet
  • making menswear that doesn’t have your customers asking “what was I thinking?” in ten years
  • running a designer-less brand

“All the blood in the water that’s happening from the broader retail world… it’s a really exciting time to be an apparel company. Just, with the changing nature of people’s buying habits, and Amazon is just changing the way people think about what it means to buy things online, even more than they already have, pop-ups and retail partnerships… all of those things… there is no shortage of opportunity out there. For all the fear that’s happening, some of the old guards might go away, and that’s sad from a legacy perspective, and it’s going to require some pretty significant changes, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.” – Kevin Lavelle