146 – GQ Creative Director Jim Moore


Jim Moore

Jim Moore details how he directs fashion coverage and visual language at the leading men’s magazine. He discusses theirĀ Best New Menswear Designers of America feature, and its new global variant in collaboration with Gap. Mr. Moore has been at GQ for nearly 40 years, was instrumental in the creation of New York Men’s Fashion Week, and delivers deep insights into the here and now of men’s fashion.

“I think what you’re finding is this new breed of designers that really… they have a mission, they have a business plan, and they want to get their clothes into Barneys or they want to do a collaboration with Uniqlo someday. They’re hungry and they’ve got good ideas, and we have a lot of original talent coming out of America. I think that is something to celebrate, and we’re really interested in that.” – Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director