172 – Lykke Wullf Designer Jemma Swatek


Ninety percent of my job is paying bills and managing people and answering emails and all of this, but the other part I get to make something come to life. - Lykke Wullf Designer Jemma Swatek

Continuing our look at the Los Angeles fashion scene, in this interview Charles speaks with designer Jemma Swatek, whose popular Lykke Wullf brand is all about the Scandinavian cowgirl.

“I moved here and I tried to get a design job, and I interviewed with some really big companies, and I would be like ‘So where’s your knitting department? Where are your machines? Where are your swatches?’ And they were all like, “Oh, we don’t do that. You just go in the swatch closet and you pick something out and you decide on a yarn and you’re basically making tech packs all day for China. And it’s not like I was completely naive, but I was like ‘Woah, this is like… not what I want to do at all.’ You know, because I’m a creative person, and sitting around doing tech packs, I have nothing against the people who do them, but that’s not really designing to me. Ultimately, that’s why I started my own brand.” – Jemma Swatek, Lykke Wullf