175 – Fashion Manufacturers United In Los Angeles


Fashion Manufacturers

“It’s a very exciting time in fashion right now. It’s exciting because anyone that has a passion to start a clothing line– ten years or so ago you would have to go overseas, you would have to get big production, you would have to get into all the big box retailers, if you couldn’t get into them you weren’t selling– now with the advent of the Internet and we can sell online, there are so many brands that are strictly online. So, you could literally draw a sketch of an idea you have, or as long as you could convey your message to a production house in America, anything could be done. The production that we can make in America is amazing, and we’re all previewed to a free brand name that no one knows about, it’s called Made In USA. Made In USA is a great brand name. It’s the same if you and I go buy a suit and it’s Made In Italy. We’re like, ‘oh, it’s great quality.’ That quality still exists in America, so if people want to get into the business, just put your heart into it. Don’t spend a dollar to save ten cents. Do your development– do everything– correctly. Launch it with a small collection, and as long as you are willing to put your efforts into it, people are willing to buy it. Made In America is having a huge comeback. We have a lot of clients who are growing.” – Adam Khoda

Adam Khoda is a long-time garment manufacturer, president of The Elite Fashion Group and founder of veterans-support brand Never Forgotten Apparel. He fled Iran with his family at age 11 and came to the USA when he was still fairly young. He is very proud to be an American citizen and cares a great deal about Made In USA. Adam coordinates factories for both overseas and Made In USA production, but as you’ll hear in this interview he has a definite preference between those two options.

This interview is part of a Los Angeles Fashion mini-series.