179 – Accessorized in L.A. – Pocket Square Clothing


Pocket Square Clothing

Los Angeles Magazine called Pocket Square Clothing “the king of the Made In L.A. accessories scene.” The brand was started in 2011 by two UCLA graduates who set out to just make interesting things. Andrew Cheung and Rodolfo Ramirez are the founders, and they speak about clothing the “gentleman of today” in this interview from the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District near their new flagship store.

“I studied architecture formally, he studied business and film, and our mutual interest in fashion just came through a GQ subscription and being like, ‘one day we’d like to dress that way.’ … I don’t think the fashion scene in Los Angeles is as big as we would like for it to become, so part of our mission for our brand has been bringing exposure for all the creatives in Los Angeles who are in the menswear industry, and the flavor and identity and stylistic qualities that they add to that industry.” – Rodolfo Ramirez, Pocket Square Clothing Co-Founder