193 – Where Are We With Eco-Friendly and Fair?


A discussion of ideas from two new sustainable fashion books, Sustainable Fashion: Governance and New Management Approaches, a collection of essays edited by Sarah Margaretha Jastram and Anna-Maria Schneider, as well as Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer Behaviour, also a collection of essays, edited by Mark Heuer and Carolin Becker-Leifhold.

In the studio, we have Mark A. Heuer, PhD, Associate Professor of Management, Susquehanna University; Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Dr. Jürgen Meyer Chair of International Business Ethics and Sustainability, Department of Strategy & Leadership; and Zara Berberyan, Research Assistant, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Department of Strategy.

Links to the books:

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