Podcasts200 – Resonance Is Building Fashion Technology That Actually Matters

200 – Resonance Is Building Fashion Technology That Actually Matters


Speed to market, dead inventory, fabric minimums, inflexible machines and processes, disconnection from customer needs and wants… all solved? All solved in an ethical sustainable manner?! That’s the assertion from Lawrence Lenihan and Joseph Ferrara, Co-Founders of Resonance Companies, and, yes, they have proof of concept. They’ve selected seven brands to test with so far, but what they’re doing is scalable, and it’s quite possibly going to change everything.

We recorded this interview with a live audience at their offices in Chelsea and were joined on the mic by Lawrence and Joseph, as well as Project Runway All Stars alum designer Daniel Vosovic, whose new brand The Kit is a collaboration under the Resonance Companies banner, as you’ll hear all about in the show.

A short event recap video: https://vimeo.com/310797445

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