204 – A Competition, NRF, Texworld, and The Met


What you’ll hear in this episode includes details of a big upcoming sustainable fashion competition, short interviews with executives from Toshiba, Wipro, and C2RO Technologies, whom Cathy Schepis and Charles Beckwith spoke with at the National Retail Federation’s “NRF Big Show” tradeshow last week, plus what and who Charles saw at the Texworld trade show earlier this week, and finally a bit about a fantastic exhibition opening at The Metropolitan Museum that Charles thinks a lot of designers will really get a lot out of.

Companies and Organizations Mentioned In This Episode

Redress Design Award


NRF Big Show

Empowering Retail – http://empoweringretail.com/
Toshiba Commerce – https://www.toshibacommerce.com/
Wipro – https://www.wipro.com/
C2RO – http://c2ro.com/


Texworld USA – https://texworld-usa.us.messefrankfurt.com/new-york/en.html
Queen of Raw – https://queenofraw.com/
Brightlabel – https://brightlabel.com/
Helpsy – https://helpsy.com/
Fashion Revolution – https://www.fashionrevolution.org/
BF+DA – https://bkaccelerator.com/
Ecotextile Magazine – https://www.ecotextile.com/
Fabscrap – https://fabscrap.org/
Fashiondex – https://www.fashiondex.com/
Fashion Mingle – https://fashionmingle.net/
Global Fashion Exchange – http://www.globalfashionxchange.org/
Querincia Studio – https://querenciastudio.com/
MCM Enterprise – http://www.mcmenterprise.net/
Maker’s Row – https://makersrow.com/
AGH Trimsource (aka Trimlab) – https://www.trimlab.com/
InVogue Studio – https//invoguenyc.com/
USA Beading – https://usabeading.com/