205 – The New York Fashion Week Pregame Show With Lauren Sherman and Gary Wassner


New York Fashion Week will soon be upon us again, and it’s best to be prepared. We’ve assembled a team of the world’s top experts for The New York Fashion Week Pregame Show to help you navigate the confusion many often feel when Fashion Week is going on.

Timecode for reference: 00:00 Intro and Design Flaw / 06:00 NYMD Designers / 16:26 Yeohlee / 22:23 Featured Guests

This show was recorded with a live audience of American Fashion Podcast fans, friends, and fashion industry insiders at The Cutting Room in Manhattan. As part of Design Flaw, a portion of ticket sales goes to fashion industry-related charities. We had a wonderful guest emcee for the evening, Mr. Robert di Mauro.  Our featured guests are Business of Fashion Chief New York Correspondent Lauren Sherman and fashion financier Gary Wassner, Chairman of Interluxe Holdings and CEO of Hilldun Corporation (“Hilldun is in fashion”). They were joined on stage by American Fashion Podcast hosts Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis, as well as former co-host Seth Friedermann, who is a fashion business consultant.

In addition to the deep dive interview, first up were some surprise guests, designer Yeohlee Teng representing womenswear, and from the New York Men’s Day event Matteo Maniatty and Suwana Perry from  Descendant of Thieves, Venus Lo who is the designer of Chan Chit Lo, Dae Lim from Sundae School, and Vasilis Loizides of the namesake label Vasilis Loizides. They were joined on stage by representatives of Agentry PR, which organizes New York Men’s Fashion Day, Henry Kessler and Joe Yang.

The New York Fashion Week Pregame Show
(left to right) Charles Beckwith, Cathy Schepis, Robert di Mauro, Gary Wassner, Seth Friedermann, Lauren Sherman

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