152 – Ecofashion Knitwear NIA Clothing

Merica Khan is the designer of Nia Clothing, a Brooklyn-based knitwear label that is using technology to push a sustainability agenda. She’s been using the resources of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator to learn about full-garment knitwear printing and currently has her first three products available for sale. An early stage conversation to be sure, but a recent one, so perhaps a valuable look into how things are changing (or not changing) for emerging designers in terms of access to resources in the New York¬†City area. Continue Reading

151 – Outlier.nyc Co-Founder Abe Burmeister

Abe Burmeister just wanted a better pair of pants, but the quest has taken him and Outlier co-founder Tyler Clemens on a long strange road through the depths of the fashion industry. They now release a new product every week, constantly developing new ideas and trying them out on eager fans. The company has a strong ethical fashion ethos, and a fascinating product development process, which Abe details in this interview. Continue Reading