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American Fashion Podcast

# Episode Title Published Guests
156 StartUp Fashion Brings A Fashion Posse 11-21-17 Maggie Gillette, Nicole Giordano, Julia Ahrens, Lisa Selwitz
155 Is It Fit To Wear? 11-12-17 Melissa Mendez,Kristen Allen
154 Van Cleef and Arpels CEO With Artist Robert Wilson 11-5-17 Robert Wilson, Nicholas Bos
153 True Gault's Footwear Fashiontech 11-3-17 Sandra Gault
152 Ecofashion Knitwear NIA Clothing 10-30-17 Merica Kahn
151 Outlier.nyc Co-Founder Abe Burmeister 10-10-17 Abe Burmeister
150 Is Brandboom Reinventing Wholesale? 9-19-17 Amy Zhou, Thorsten Roth
149 Talking Timelessness with Jeweler Izaskun Zabala 9-8-17 Izaskun Zabala
148 Business of Fashion Professional with Nick Blunden 8-24-17 Nick Blunden
147 The Ensign, The Made In USA Menswear Hub 8-16-17 Luis Morales, Jason Wagg
146 GQ Creative Director Tim Moore 8-2-17 Tim Moore
145 Anita Dongre, A Visitor From India 7-25-17 Anita Dongre
144 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, Part 2 7-20-17 Janell Wysock, Latasha Hall, Sara Keel, Elissa Bloom
143 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator,  Part 1 7-4-17 Sherrill Mosee, Milan, Nigel Richards, Elissa Bloom
142 Understanding Influencers with Brittany Hennessy 6-8-17 Brittany Hennessy
141 Mizzen and Main 5-29-17 Kevin Lavelle
140 Edun CEO Julian Labat 5-19-17 Julian Labat
139 Miss Marvel Returns 5-17-17 Stephanie Maslansky
138 Nick Graham / Emotional Revenue 5-6-17 Nick Graham
137 Independent and Emerging: The State of The Business (LIVE) 5-2-17 Nicole Giordano, Deb Johnson, Deborah Alden
136 Temporary Retail 5-1-17 Gemma Sole, Parisa Wang, Aliana Galan, Fred Piumelli, Jason Levine, Rony Chammas
135 Some Model Tycoons and Fashion Immigration Issues 4-11-17 Shivani Honwad, Jessica Perez, Aine Campbell
134 John Nicolopoulos 4-3-17 John Nicolopoulos
133 Nicole Giordano Startup Fashion 3-20-17 Nicole Giordano
132 Fashion Branding and Marketing 4-3-17 Bill D’Arienzo
131 American Giant Founder Bayard Winthrop 2-21-17 Bayard Winthrop
130 How To Wing A Fashion Show 2-15-17 Elizabeth Solomeina, Elena Rudenko, Silvia D’Avila, Jenny Lai, Stephanie Schedraui, Cathleen DaCosta Bombard
129 How CLO Is Changing Everything 2-13-17 Daniel Seo
128 The Future of Retail 2-7-17 Carlos Ponce, Jeff Scott, Bill Grindle, Craig Witsoe
127 Paloma Young And The Great Comet of 1812 1-31-17 Paloma Young
126 A Day In Costume At The Met With Jessica Regan 1-29-17 Jessica Regan
125 Better Use of Fabric 1-16-17 Patrick Robinson, Beth Hynes, Harrison Taylor Johnson, Jessica Schreiber
124 What's In A Simon Collins? 1-11-17 Simon Collins
123 Tabii Just 2.0: Purposeful Decisions 12-8-16 Tabitha St. Bernard, Tessa Maffucci
122 Raphael Lombardo, Leather Man 12-1-16 Raphael Lombardo, Giovanni Stasi
121 And Then Tim Gunn Showed Up 11-23-16 Kathryn Hilderbrand, Mark Linton, Tim Gunn
120 Get Your Own Style, A Men Swear Episode With Will Welch 11-15-16 Will Welch
119 Save The Garment Center Status Report 11-10-16 Samanta Cortes, Anthony Lilore, Paul Cavazza, Ida Leigh M. Law, Chris Moore, Elizabeth Solomeina
118 Clothed In Cool 11-6-16 n/a
117 Fashion Historian Patricia Mears 10-26-16 Patricia Mears
116 The Flying Solo Retail Concept 10-20-16 Elizabeth Solomeina, Katie Lares
115 Ecocult's Sustainability Roundtable 10-13-16 Melissa Joy Manning, Maxine Bedat, Kristy Caylor, Mara Hoffman, Alden Wicker
114 Fashion Is Freedom Author Tala Raassi 10-12-16 Tala Raassi
113 Bringing Billionaires Into Neiman's 10-4-16 Ralph Rucci
112 How To Fund A Fashion Business 10-2-16 Lois F. Herzeca
111 Fashion Pop-Up Store Strategy 9-27-16 Melissa Gonzalez
110 Damn The Fashion Week, Full Speed Ahead 9-22-16 Richard Spiegel, Tadashi Shoji, Austin Scarlet
109 Designer Yeohlee Teng 9-15-22 Yeohlee Teng
108 Fashion Week Pre-Game Show 9-2-16 Katharine K. Zarrella, Liz Bacelar, Udor
107 Bow and Drape Founder Aubrie Pagano 9-1-16 Aubrie Pagano, Stephen Eastwood
106 Madison Avenue Hatter, Albertus Swanepoel 8-8-16 Albertus Swanepoel
105 In Pursuit of Luxury 8-5-16 Christopher Ferree, Veronica Manlow, Travis Haglin, Shaun Borstrock, Jacqui Jenkins
104 Sexy Sordid FOCUS with Author Michael Gross 7-21-16 Michael Gross, Stephen Eastwood
Special Celebrating 100 Epsiodes 7-14-16 Domenico Vacca
103 Fashion Ignores Many Women 7-12-16 Cindy Weber-Cleary
102 Rebecca and Uri Minoff 7-5-16 Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minoff
101 Sustainable Living 7-5-16 Kasi Martin, Alden Wicker
100 Maker's Row 6-21-16 Tanya Menendez
099 Betabrand Is Taking The Pain Away 6-6-2016 Liz Rossof
098 The Collective Consciousness of threeASFOUR 5-11-16 Adi Gil, Angela Donhauser, Gabi Asfour
097 Dana Thomas, Author and Journalist 5-10-16 Dana Thomas
096 Please Don't Laugh At The Economist 4-26-16 Kathleen Fasanella
095 I do! The New York Bridal Market 4-15-16 Austin Scarlet, Babi Ahluwalia, Katharine Polk
094 Marvel’s Netflix Costume Designer Meets Andrew Ondrejcak 4-10-16 Stephanie Maslansky, Andrew Ondrejcak
093 Fashion Unfiltered Wants Conversations 3-31-16 Katharine Zarrella, Alexandra Steigrad
092 Model Management Industry Super Episode 3-21-16 Madeline Hill, Ali Grace Marquart, Doreen Small, Rob Sanchez
091 Robots Don't Make Your Clothes 3-17-16 Julie Mollo, Louis Mairone
090 Naeem Khan 3-10-16 Naeem Khan
089 Zero Waste Fashion For The Gold 3-8-16 Lisa Koenigsberg, Timo Rissanen, Daniel Silverstein, Tabitha St. Bernard
088 Skill Is A Luxury? 3-1-16 Lee Anderson, Katie Gallagher, Charles Harbison, Yasmine Rana, David Hadida, Marco Pili, Philip Chu
087 New York Fashion Week! Fashion Week! Fashion Week! 2-19-16 Bil Donovan, Ernest Schmatolla, Kenny Bonavitacola, Stephen Knoll, Rosina Rucci, Naeem Khan, Tadashi Shoji, Raquel Allegra, Raul Peñaranda, and Charles Youssef
086 Down With TPP 2-11-16 Steven Capozzola, Julie Zerbo, Jordan Adoni, Omar Bailey
085 Fairy Tale Fashion and Men's Fashion Week 2-5-16 Colleen Hill, Derek Buse, Jo Sadler, Scot Shandalove, Jake Zeitlin, Timo Weiland
084 Men's Fashion Week Pre-Game Show 1-28-16 Erin Hawker, Loris Diran, Zachary Prell
083 Fabulous With A Really Big F 1-21-16 Doug Greenberg
082 Charles Youssef, Elissa Bloom, and Liz Franco 1-15-16 Charles Youssef, Elissa Bloom, Liz Franco
081 Stand Clear of The Closing Year, Please 12-17-15 Asanti Austin, Richard Spiegel
080 Costume Designer Daniel Lawson 12-14-15 Daniel Lawson, Kristi McCormick
079 Cindy Gallop and Frank Spadafora 12-7-15 Cindy Gallop, Frank Spadafora
078 Nothing To Wear But Fear Itself 11-3-15 Kate Black, Douglas Hand
077 Siki Im – It’s Never Easy Once You Care 11-19-15 Siki Im
076 Teri Agins Is Writing It All Down 11-12-15 Teri Agins
075 Jacqui Jenkins of LIM College 11-5-15 Jacqueline M. Jenkins
074 Beckett Fogg and Lauren Nahigian 11-3-15 Beckett Fogg, Lauren Nahigian
073 Lauren Sherman Makes Magazines You Want To Read 10-15-15 Lauren Sherman
072 Coveting For Fun And Profit 10-12-15 Blair Ethington
071 Always Afoot 10-8-15 Miranda Morrison, Kari Sigerson, Eliza Axelson-Chidsey, Steven Capozzola
070 It's About The Future 10-1-15 Jessica Hemmer, Sew Heidi, Patrick Duffy, Michael Lavergne, Mimi Prober, Nica Rabinowitz
069 Stefan Larsson And The Great Americana Elevator 9-30-15 n/a
068 Pepper Jacques Sizes You Up 9-29-15 Rachel Fenderson, Marshea Fenderson, Alexa Stark, Christy Lea Payne, Farid Ait Ouabi, Lauren Podoll, Suk Chai, Stephanie Leroux, Wendy Akroyd, Angie Y
067 Axis of Retail 9-23-15 Steak, Vanessa Chu, Melissa Trovato, Ainsley Hutchence, Helena Stuart
066 Fashion Week Unleashed! 9-18-15 Naeem Khan, Reem Acra, Vivienne Tam, Patrik Nilsson, Christopher Bastin, Caroline Roth, Josie Natori, Tia Cibani, Sylvie Millstein, Michael Costello, Shannon Michelle
065 Mickey Boardman, The Stan Lee of Fashion 9-20-15 Mickey Boardman, Alexandra Steigrad, Bob Bland, Udor
064 Loris Diran and Wendy Brandes, Part Two 8-30-15 Loris Diran, Wendy Brandes, Adolfo Sanchez
063 Loris Diran and Wendy Brandes, Part One 8-30-15 Loris Diran, Wendy Brandes
062 How Techpacker Simplifies Designer-Factory Communication 8-20-15 Sayam Kochar, Daniella Samper-Kochar
061 News Flashing 8-11-15 n/a
060 Fashion Is Your Business Crossover 8-7-15 Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez
059 Wearable Technology 7-30-15 Amanda Parkes, Becky Stern
058 Hilldun EVP Tim Moore 7-21-15 Tim Moore
057 That Show From Before The Show 7-19-15 Sandy Ramirez
056 Men’s Fashion Week Pre-Show 7-7-15 Nick Graham, Erik Nelson, Emily Nelson, Brad Schmidt
055 Alan Eckstein 7-2-15 Alan Eckstein, Richard Spiegel
054 Corinna Springer and Jackson McKeehan 6-29-15 Corinna Springer, Jackson McKeehan
053 Rob Sanchez and Iuri Shubladze 6-18-15 Rob Sanchez, Iuri Shubladze
052 Luba GnaSevych 6-11-15 Luba GnaSevych
051 Meagan Cignoli and Amber Lee 6-4-15 Meagan Cignoli, Amber Lee, Rob Sanchez
050 Ralph Rucci 5-19-15 Ralph Rucci, Rob Sanchez
049 Clark Sabbat 5-13-15 Clark Sabbat
048 Industrial Design 5-7-15 Deanne Beckwith
047 Form Follows Materials 4-28-15 Titania Inglis
046 Jeff Staple Talks Basics 4-20-15 Jeff Staple
045 Sustainable Couture 4-16-15 Mimi Prober
044 Map All The Sources! 4-2-16 Leo Bonanni, Bob Bland, Patrick Duffy
043 Lexy Funk Party Time 3-28-15 Lexy Funk, Amanda Parkes, Steven Capozolla
042 Shop Helpsy, Or The Rhino Gets It 3-19-15 Rachel Kibbe
041 Brand Strategies For Fun and Profit 3-11-15 Leland Maschmeyer
040 Camp Capsule Continued 3-2-15 Niki English, Mary Lai, Dave Briker, Tanya Sheikh, Ivan Gilkes, Gail Travis, Jasmine Aarons, Bill Smolen, Edina Sultanik
039 Bob Bland and Karolyn Pho Hit The Shows 3-2-15 Bob Bland, Karolyn Pho
038 Capsule Panel “The Independent Mindset” 2-22-15 Jennifer Mankins, Jill Wenger, Steven Alan, Lauren Sherman
037 E Pluribus Fashion Week 2-22-15 Reem Acra, Udor
036 NYFW Pre-Game Show 2-10-15 Richard Spiegel, Udor
035 Patrick Duffy Explains It All 2-9-15 Patrick Duffy
034 Ina Bernstein Recycles Your Closet 1-23-15 Ina Bernstein
033 Sass Brown Is Down To Earth With Juliette Donatelli 1-14-15 Sass Brown, Juliette Donatelli
032 Andrew Livingston Makes and Richard Spielgel Takes 1-6-15 Andrew Livingston, Richard Spiegel
031 Since 2014 12-18-14 n/a
030 Fashion history with Phyllis Dillon 12-13-14 Phyllis Dillon
029 That week we got $3.5M to be awesome 12-5-14 n/a
028 Crowdfunding with Dimitri Koumbis of Bishop Collective 11-26-14 Dimitri Koumbis
027 A talent-based industry 11-20-14 Crispin Argento, Naeem Khan, Peggy Jo Donahue
026 The value of curation 11-13-14 Lisa Dolan
025 Insert 25 episodes to continue 11-5-14 Gretchen Harnick
024 Are you tired of "it"? 10-29-14 Asanti Austin, Nicole LaMoreaux
023 Fair trade Juilette 10-23-14 Juliette Donatelli
022 The dark bow tie rises 10-15-14 Lisa Padovani
021 What happened to Barneys? 10-10-14 n/a
020 Taking Liberty 10-3-14 n/a
019 Chindōgu Internet of Things 9-25-14 Christopher Grayson, Rob Sanchez
018 The right way to runway 9-18-14 Udor
017 So many shiny things! 9-15-14 Karolyn Pho, Katya Leonovich
016 Taking the High Line 9-5-14 n/a
015 That time Bob showed up 8-27-14 Bob Bland
014 The Jets are in gear 8-20-14 Ron Wallace, Jonathan Pak
013 Go cry to Miami! 8-13-14 Abigail Stewart
012 Future sources abound 8-6-14 Benita Singh, Leonardo Bonanni, Pranay Srinivasan, Bob Bland
011 The CFDA just swallowed Fashion Calendar, so let's talk about that. 7-31-14 n/a
010 Our TexWorld excursion 7-26-14 Alexandra Lin, Fran Knight, Woody Pierce, Andrew Levy
009 Coraline gets exposed! 7-16-14 Colleen Hill
008 Oh, this young thing? 7-9-14 Cristina Gabriele
007 Tailor made in America 7-3-14 Mack Moze, Alexander Mars
006 I'll tell you about trends, Missy! 6-26-14 Diana Barbosa, Almudena Alcaide
005 Just keep knitting 6-19-14 Lindsay Degen
004 Can fashion and tech connect? 6-11-14 Liza Kindred, Pavan Bahl
003 untitled 6-5-14 n/a
002 untitled 6-5-14 n/a
001 untitled 5-22-14 n/a

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