How To Be A Guest On American Fashion Podcast

American Fashion Podcast is a show about the fashion industry, with an emphasis on the importance of changing it to be more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

It’s also about the people behind all that, and we love guests who can be authentic, speak their own minds, and are not over-coached and scripted.

We want guests who are at least a little bit open to talking about side topics. This isn’t a show where we go straight down a list of bullet points, it’s a real conversation, tangents are frequent. It’s organic and weird and smart and special and wonderful. Be brave.

Find the pitch form below, but please review these key points first…

Our listeners are primarily industry insiders.

So… “how to dress” and “what to wear” are not topics we cover.

Our listeners already know how to dress, they’re literally fashion professionals.

This includes a broad spectrum of roles from executives to creative directors to atelier workers, manufacturers, consultants, wholesale buyers, independent designers, and students. We typically feature stories that we feel would interest them and help them better understand the industry and how it is changing.

We occasionally go completely off the wall, so don’t let this scare you if you have something interesting to say. Just know that we don’t produce the show for consumers.

“You need to solve a problem for the audience or teach them something, instead of just promoting your book, service, etc. You have to make your pitch about the value you provide.” – Kelly Glover

For interviews about retail technology or beauty… not us.

We have wonderful sister shows, Fashion Is Your Business and Beauty Is Your Business which cover those topics in depth. Please contact them if that is your focus.

Tell us what you are doing that is unique or different?

In your pitch, we need to hear about something interesting enough for people in the fashion business to take time out of their busy schedules and listen to our show for 30-60 minutes.

This is especially important if you want to talk about your own company. This is not free advertising, it’s community engagement, and there needs to be value in the content.

We love it when we get pitches for panel discussions or odd topics. Let the ideas fly!

Many pitches we receive emphasize that the brand reaching out has a female CEO, but this is not uncommon at fashion startups right now. Some pitches have this as their only selling point. This will not on its own justify scheduling an interview.

It’s an in-person recording in midtown Manhattan.

We rarely do remote interviews.

We are willing to travel for interviews if travel costs are covered.

Please don’t let that stop you from reaching out to set up a potential interview at some point in the future when you might happen to be in New York City or we are heading your way. We’ll put you on the list.

Want to send us something?

If you’ve written a book or want us to try out your products, our mailing address is…

American Fashion Podcast
c/o MouthMedia Network
1115 Broadway, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Are you trying to launch a business?

While we find it fascinating to see emerging brands grow, if you haven’t been in the fashion industry very long we may run out of things to talk about fairly quickly, so your pitch needs to talk in-depth about your background and include stories you might want to tell on the show to offset your inexperience in this field.

Running a startup and have a great mentor? Maybe bring them with you. More people will listen.

We always want to deliver value to our listeners, so you need to have done your homework and actually have something to say.

We don’t really talk about jewelry.

We are more on the garment side of fashion.

If you want to talk about a brand that only makes jewelry, this is really not the show for that.

Business Development? We can do that.

There is no Pay-To-Play on this show.

Guests don’t get invited to participate if we don’t think they’re going to have something interesting to say.

If your primary objective is to drive business development, a far more effective approach is to sponsor an episode about a topic related to your business and join us as a guest host for that episode. We’ll invite guests you want to do business with, turning cold introductions into deep connections.

We also do live events and on-site activations at conferences and trade shows.

Our podcast network specializes in delivering on KPIs for business clients. Learn about that more on the MouthMedia Network website.

We want to talk to… business people, designers, craftspeople, academics, historians, buyers, technologists, the obsessed fanatics who have done their homework, and people whose lives have been affected by fashion in a major way.

What’s your role?

What’s your obsession?

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