116 – The Flying Solo Retail Concept

introducing the Flying Solo retail concept

Flying Solo is a new fashion store in the popular Soho designer shopping area of Manhattan, where there are many, but it is also a different store in the retail landscape. The clerks working the store in shifts are not hourly wage slaves, but the designers of the clothing on the racks and the accessories on the shelves. For someone with a large brand this would be impractical, but for an emerging designer it seems to fit like a glove.

Designers Elizabeth Solomeina and Katie Lares stayed late in the store for this brief introduction to the store and “the movement,” as they call it.

Now open at 224 Mulberry Street in Soho, the Flying Solo retail concept brings designers closer to customers, and customers closer to satisfaction.

114 – Fashion Is Freedom Author Tala Raassi

Fashion Is Freedom Author Tala Raassi

The story of a swimwear designer who came the long way round. “When she was 16, Tala Raassi went to a party. She talked to boys, and wore a mini-skirt. She was punished with 40 lashes and five days in jail.” That is the beginning of her story, but what happened in the following years is a story far more familiar to our audience, that of a designer trying to figure out how to get into and stay in the business of fashion. Continue Reading

113 – Bringing Billionaires Into Neiman’s – Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci Goes Into Detail

Ralph Rucci

The preeminent American designer’s designer, Ralph Rucci, is back with us (swing back to episode #50 to listen to the previous recording). In this episode, Mr. Rucci updates us on his RR331 venture, the couture work he has been doing for private clients, and his plans to return to show during Paris Haute Couture. Continue Reading

112 – How To Fund A Fashion Business

How To Fund A Fashion Business

How To Fund A Fashion Business with Lois Herzeca

Attorney Lois F. Herzeca is the author of the preeminent fashion law survival guide, Fashion Law and Business: Brands and Retailers. In this episode she talks about how fashion brands get funded and gives tips and tricks for how to make that process run smoothly, both for investors and designers. Continue Reading