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we use our network to foind the people you want to work withWhat does business development for fashion companies look like with a podcast?

A podcast is an extremely efficient way to spread your brand story as a guest, but we don’t rely on podcasts alone to drive business development for our clients.

American Fashion Podcast is backed by MouthMedia Network, which provides boutique business development services to clients as large as Fortune 100 companies and as isolated as independent consultants.

If you have a great product or service, MouthMedia Network can help you grow by making precisely the right connections. You probably already know people you want to work with but haven’t been able to approach. Let us reach out for you and make a warm introduction.

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How can a fashion podcast help with business development?

American Fashion Podcast isn’t just any fashion podcast.

We have a proven B2B audience with a heavy distribution of brand owners, executives, designers, and buyers. We also have a network of over 1000 previous guests on this podcast and our sister shows (Fashion Is Your Business, Retail Is Your Business, and Beauty Is Your Business).

You tell us who your ideal clients are, and we can bring you together.

The MouthMedia Network team has a lot of experience in executing business development plans using podcasts. It’s been one of our basic business models since the company launched a few years ago.

  • If you have a brand, we can help you reach buyers and potential investors.
  • If you’re a consultant, we can help you reach new clients.
  • If you’re a textbook author, we can help you promote to faculty and schools.
  • If you’re a PR firm, we can help you with outreach to new clients.

We don’t just cover fashion. If your industry has any kind of presence in New York City, there is a good chance we can boost your business.

The MouthMedia Network team will use their extensive network of business relationships throughout the fashion and technology sectors, in New York City and beyond, to connect you with the people you need to do business with.

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