187 – Ethical For Days and Days, Kristy Caylor

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Kristy Caylor - For Days

Kristy Caylor is one of the co-founders of the wildly influential luxury sustainable fashion brand Maiyet, as well as former President of Band of Outsiders. Kristy recently launched her latest business venture called ‘For Days,’ a new circular retail model that addresses the need for fresh basics without costing the environment. The premise is simple – endless access to new, 100% organic t-shirts, made in LA, starting at $4 each. Once you stain, rip, or wear-out a shirt, you just send it back to be recycled, and For Days will send you a new one.

In this interview she discusses the company’s interesting new approach to recycling textiles with the active involvement of consumers. She also talks about her experiences working with the World Economic Forum.

186 – Brand Building… and Rebuilding – Sara Rotman

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Sara Rotman

Sara Rotman is the Chief Brand Officer at sustainability-focused clothing brand Les Lunes, and she is rebranding Les Lunes while it rolls down the highway. Such action would not typically be advisable without a full stop, but Sara is a professional, and in this interview, you’ll certainly hear why.

“We are all about strong opinions and soft clothes.”

Sara’s background is in art direction and marketing design, which began in the music industry, developing album covers and running photoshoots for record labels, and then evolved into a strategy career for advertising agencies. She founded her own agency, servicing major clients from Nina Ricci to Carolina Herrera to Tory Burch. After 20 years she sold the agency she started and has gone looking for new challenges, which led her to Les Lunes. She discusses her approach to helping established brands change their message and approach to consumers to cope with a changing marketplace.

“You know, you think you’re speaking to a 25-year-old urban woman. Well, maybe you were 10 years ago, but that woman has grown up with the brand and she’s moved on, and she’s in the suburbs now, as an example. And the current 25-year-old urban woman maybe isn’t so aware, or interested… or believed that you’re her mother’s brand. And I think that’s sometimes not obvious to the brands that I’ve worked with in the past.” – Sara Rotman

185 – About Charles James, with Michele Gerber Klein

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Charles James

Michele Gerber Klein is a philanthropist and the president of legacy clothing brand Joan Vass. She recently published an extensive new biography, Charles James: Portrait of An Unreasonable Man. It is the first full biographical work on Charles James, one of the most influential designers of the 20th Century. This interview with the biographer explores how the book came about and touches on several key periods of the designer’s life, as well as his major influences.

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184 – More Ethical Fashion

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Ethical Fashion

A conversation about sustainable fashion, featuring Luna Atamian Hahn-Petersen of sustainability and social impact consulting firm Salterbaxter, Nicole Heim of ethical and sustainable fashion brand Cienne, and Saloni Shrestha of the ethical fashion brand AGAATI.

“Even just understanding sustainability, it’s so complicated. I think having experts in your corner is the only way to go. I don’t care if you’re big or small, just because it’s such a complex topic and people are so scared to talk about it, so if you are going to talk about it I think it’s good to feel confident in what you’re saying.” – Nicole Heim


183 – Trina Turk – Letting The Fabric Speak For Itself

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Trina Turk

The iconic California Style designer, Trina Turk, reflects on changes in her company’s approach to commerce and responding to customer needs. (more…)

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