142 – Understanding Influencers with Brittany Hennessy

Brittany Hennessy

As the Director of Influencer Talent in the Hearst Branded Content Studio, Brittany Hennessy connects influencers with brands for collaboration. The content they produce is featured by dozens of Hearst publications, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Seventeen, and Redbook. Influencer marketing is a hot business right now. Brittany shares how she cuts through some of the noise to see the players and the field.

Brittany and her husband Alexander are the Co-Founders of CreatorsCollective, which provides advice to influencers and brands about how to work with each other.

“I think it works best when all of the pieces work together. People are very quick to move all their money into influencer marketing, or pull all their money from TV. It works best when it’s all a cohesive plan. And I think that’s the struggle most people have, is they can’t figure out how to make everything work together.” – Brittany Hennessy

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141 – Mizzen and Main – Performance Fabric Menswear

Kevin Lavelle is CEO of Mizzen and Main, on American Fashion Podcast

Mizzen and Main

Kevin Lavelle is CEO of Mizzen and Main, a menswear line that prioritizes function over tradition in its fabric selection. In this interview, the conversation covers…

  • running a clothing business from Dallas
  • competitive AdWords strategy for e-commerce
  • YachtCaptcha and the coming of SkyNet
  • making menswear that doesn’t have your customers asking “what was I thinking?” in ten years
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140 – Edun CEO Julien Labat

Julien Labat

Julien Labat On Edun’s Sustainable Choices

There is fairly little true long term thinking in the fashion industry, but it’s not surprising to see it come from an LVMH brand. Edun is a very special company, with a very special mission. It was started by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono, with the intention of making sustainable high end fashion in Africa. It has been a long road with a lot of learning and building, and rebuilding, as revealed in this interview with a new New Yorker, CEO Julien Labat. Continue Reading

139 – Miss Marvel Returns

Stephanie Maslansky

Stephanie Maslansky Brings Marvel’s Stories To Life On Netflix

Stephanie Maslansky is the costume designer behind several Netflix series based on the Marvel comic book universe: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and now Iron Fist. She was previously on American Fashion Podcast episode #94, and is now back to deep dive into her work on Iron Fist. In this interview she discusses how she created updated filmable versions of the character looks from the comic books, her appreciation of the cosplay movement, and how her team creates business suits compatible with kung fu. Continue Reading

138 – Nick Graham – Emotional Revenue

Nick Graham

Designer Nick Graham (website) refers to his menswear line’s customers as the perennial millennials, and from his rapid retail expansion, he seems to be tapping into something very interesting. The recent New York Fashion Week Men’s show for Nick Graham featured Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and the planet Mars. In this interview he discusses how he built a brand now found in hundreds of retail stores in under three years, and teases the over the top concept for the next fashion week show. His insights on how to start a fashion business both confirm and confound the common wisdom.

“The first three years of a business are critical. The first year you figure out exactly what you are, you take your hits. The second year it starts to gel in your mind and the market’s mind of what you represent, and then you get your sourcing and your production ready. And the third year is really when you launch. The first year is not a lunch year, the third year is always a launch year, I think.” – Nick Graham