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About American Fashion Podcast

American Fashion Podcast is a weekly deep-dive interview series focused on how the fashion industry works “under the hood.” Ethical and sustainable fashion topics feature prominently across the 250+ episodes published since the series launched in 2014. The hosts put a strong emphasis on stories about how the fashion industry works and is changing, and tells the larger story by diving into as many niches as possible.

“For the true fashion nerd at heart, American Fashion goes in-depth to all of the ins and outs of the fashion industry as a whole.” – Harper’s Bazaar

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Notable Fashion Business Interviews

Prominent guest interviews on American Fashion Podcast have included:

Top Fashion Designer Interviews:

Top Fashion Editor and Author Interviews:

Interviews With Fashion Entrepreneurs and Fashion Business Experts:

American Fashion Podcast Archives

Many more interviews (250+ episodes since 2014) are accessible going back to the beginning of the show in 2014. There is a small fee to cover our hosting costs. Visit the American Fashion Podcast Archives to access older episodes about how the fashion business works and is changing and evolving.

If you truly want to look under the hood of the American fashion industry, to understand the fashion business holistically, this is what you need. Enjoy more than 250 episodes filled with insights about marketing, branding, design, e-commerce, inspiration, sustainability, ethical manufacturing. Learn where the industry has been, and where it is going.

American Fashion Podcast Live Events

We occasionally do the show with a live audience. It’s best to get on the invitation list so you get the first crack at tickets. Learn more about our live fashion business events here.

How To Be A Guest On American Fashion Podcast

There are instructions about how to be a guest on the show on the MouthMedia Network Be A Guest page. Come tell your fashion business story.