151 – Outlier.nyc Co-Founder Abe Burmeister

Outlier.nyc on AFP

Abe Burmeister just wanted a better pair of pants, but the quest has taken him and Outlier co-founder Tyler Clemens on a long strange road through the depths of the fashion industry. They now release a new product every week, constantly developing new ideas and trying them out on eager fans. The company has a strong ethical fashion ethos, and a fascinating product development process, which Abe details in this interview. Continue Reading

150 – Is Brandboom Reinventing Wholesale?

episode 150 brandboom

Amy Zhou is COO of the online fashion wholesale marketplace Brandboom (link), which is giving bulk purchasing of luxury apparel a digital dimension for brands and retailers.

Thorsten Roth is a veteran fashion and lifestyle photographer who currently teaches a continuing education photography course at the School of Visual Arts entitled Photographic Identity: Artistic Self-Expression and Professional Application.


149 – Talking Timelessness With Jeweler Izaskun Zabala


Izaskun Zabala discusses her business and history as a New York City-based jewelry designer whose major inspiration is an idea of timelessness. We also talk about ancient cultures and palm reading, though that provokes a bit of an argument when she tries to explain how palm reading is a science.

Timelessness References:

148 – Business of Fashion Professional with Nick Blunden

Nick Blunden, Business of Fashion Professional

Our guest, Nick Blunden, is the Chief Commercial Officer at The Business of Fashion. In this episode of American Fashion Podcast, he discusses the new Business of Fashion Professional “information platform and community.”BoF Pro is a members’ platform and community furthering BoF’s mission to “open, inform, and connect the global fashion community.”

We also discuss BoF’s editorial process and tone, and Nick reveals who really reads and approves all the commends on the articles, why BoF is publishing a print edition twice yearly to feature their long-form content, and how the company thinks about its member and leadership events.

147 – The Ensign, the Made In USA menswear hub

The Ensign

The Ensign is an e-commerce platform showcasing American luxury menswear: https://theensign.us/

Co-founders Luis Morales and Jason Wagg have backgrounds defined by work for premiere labels like Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. In this interview they discuss the state of American menswear design and domestic garment manufacturing, and the company they are running to amplify and ride its resurgence.

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