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10 Trade Show Survival Tips For Fashion Designers

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Whether you’re showing at Designers and Agents, Capsule, FFANY, Coterie, MAGIC, or anywhere else, if you are a fashion designer who wants to sell products at wholesale to retailers, here is a solid list of things to keep in mind.

by Seth Friedermann and Charles Beckwith

#1 – Don’t expect buyers to show up without an appointment.

Simply taking a trade show booth is highly unlikely to result in sales. Buyers don’t spend a lot of time browsing during Market Week.


#2 – Start reaching out to boutiques several months in advance.

Identify the top 40 boutiques that you want to see your designs in. Do this by comparing price points and finding similar brands to zero in on places where you believe your work will sell. Use email, social media, store visits, cookies, whatever you can. Don’t be annoying, but do be honest and direct.

Remember, you are saying to the buyer, “I believe I can make you money.” (more…)

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