171 – California Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder

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California Apparel News

California Apparel News covers the global fashion industry from a West Coast perspective. In this interview, Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder speaks with American Fashion Podcast host Charles Beckwith at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. The discussion covers the Downtown Los Angeles fashion scene, L.A. Fashion Week, denim abroad, West Coast textile manufacturing, and several other topics.


170 – Fashion Photographer Lisa Brezinski

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Lisa Brezinski

If you’re on Instagram at all, Lisa Brezinski (@lkbphotography) is one of those photographers whose sexy sexy fashion photography work you’ve seen. Lisa provides insight on the Los Angeles fashion scene‘s constant need for edgy images, how video has become a more important part of fashion shoots, and the massive gap between the marketing budgets of large and small brands.


169 – The Smart Salesfloor of Tomorrow

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Jason Sweet from Salesfloor

Salesfloor is helping bridge the gap between online and brick and mortar shopping. Their omnichannel clientelling mobile app gives unparalleled new agency and business intelligence to store associates on the traditional salesfloor. Jason Sweet is Vice President of Sales for North America, and in this interview speaks with Cathy and Charles at the Nation Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York.


168 – Smart Shelves Sell For You – Perch interactive

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Perch Interactive

Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, talks about how the use of their smart displays can result in a “30-80% sales lift while driving 5-10X customer engagement.” Perch uses sensors in their display units to provide customers with product information and an interactive experience. The company was part of an early class at the New York Fashion Tech Lab. Their in-store technology helps hybridize the brick and mortar and online customer experience, moving us closer to that seamless experience everyone seems to want to move toward. (more…)

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