162 – What Is A Fashion Community?

fashion community

A roundtable discussion of the human components of the fashion industry. Panelists include Fashion Mingle founder Melissa Shea, Human B founder Boaz David, and Rachel Tobias from the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator.

Fashion Mingle is a community platform that was started in Austin, Texas, helping independent designers find contractors and suppliers in cities across the United States. Human B is a consulting firm which facilitates production. The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is a part of Pratt Institute which serves as an accelerator and community hub for fashion businesses in Brooklyn.

161 – Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali has a long history of innovation and anticipating “the moment” again and again in fashion and the New York City community. In this interview recorded with a live audience at Spring Place in TriBeCa, the designer talks about her work and life and how they intersect. She describes key events in her career along with her personal transformation to a minimalist lifestyle.

“I work with a lot of e-commerce accounts, and they’re fun to work with. They’re all doing well, and when people are doing well they experiment, they want to collaborate, they want to experiment with you, and there’s conversation. When people are doing well it’s friendly and it’s happy and it’s good. When people are not doing well, some really awful things happen. Deceit and dishonesty, and stuff that you just don’t want in your life happen. But we’re in a very good time now, because e-commerce is really emerging as a way to reach individuals and to give each and every one of us an opportunity to make a choice to have great service and to have a good experience.” – Norma Kamali

Additional parts of the interview delve into Norma Kamali’s personal theories about how to improve relations between men and women, the thought and practice behind The Wellness Cafe, and her own podcast, Norma Kamali Life.

160 – Inside The RiverBlue Ecofashion Documentary


Can Fashion Save The Planet, or At Least Make It Better?

Lisa Mazzota , the producer of RiverBlue, an environmental documentary, is passionate about rivers. Hear Lisa, Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, designer and co-founder of Tabii Just, Charles and Cathy talk about a documentary that is starting a lot of conversation.

There are rivers around the world that have been declared biologically dead from toxic, chemical waste that is a result of clothing manufacturing.

Consumers need to ask how their clothing is made, and then ask themselves if they are fulfilled by fast fashion, or can we as consumers change our value systems.

The consumer holds a lot of power and can learn a lot from documentaries like RiverBlue.

“The idea that we have to buy something all the time, what is that fulfilling for us?”-Lisa Mazzota

We’ll talk about the progress that is already leading this movement, and how consumers can play a powerful role.

“It’s a big task, but there is responsibility on the part of the consumer to say “I am not going to buy this anymore”- Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

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159 – Navigating The Amazon… Marketplace

Elaine Kwon

Elaine Kwon used to help run Amazon Fashion. Now she is the founder of Kwontified, an e-commerce management and SAS firm. She and her partner Jordan Taylor consult from the points of “what is the best business model for me to use on Amazon” and “how do I grow my business on Amazon?”

Questions addressed in this episode include: What platform do you use to sell on Amazon? How do you get a “verified brand” on Amazon? How do you identify your products as eco-friendly for Amazon searches? What kind of qualities do you need to have on and to sell through Amazon? Are there minimums? Is Handmade at Amazon an Amazon version of ETSY? Will a customer forgo a discount on a product if they know they’re going to get free shipping?

“Just like how pure play brick and mortar is seen as outdated today, pure play e-commerce will be seen as outdated tomorrow. And I think that the way to really thrive in what retail is becoming is to adopt what we call the new retail values, which essentially is when you stop dividing the channels that you play on, but you really start integrating what that means for the consumer across the board. So, you’re taking online offline. You’re making sure that the experiences that the customers see online are consistent and have parity with what they’re seeing offline, and that the two are not separated.” – Elaine Kwon

158 – Factory 8 – The New Old Garment Factory

Anya Ferring

Anya Ferring is Factory8’s Product Development and Local Supply Chain Specialist. Factory8 helps designers and brands large and small manage a streamlined developed and Made In USA production process.

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