184 – More Ethical Fashion

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Ethical Fashion

A conversation about sustainable fashion, featuring Luna Atamian Hahn-Petersen of sustainability and social impact consulting firm Salterbaxter, Nicole Heim of ethical and sustainable fashion brand Cienne, and Saloni Shrestha of the ethical fashion brand AGAATI.

“Even just understanding sustainability, it’s so complicated. I think having experts in your corner is the only way to go. I don’t care if you’re big or small, just because it’s such a complex topic and people are so scared to talk about it, so if you are going to talk about it I think it’s good to feel confident in what you’re saying.” – Nicole Heim


183 – Trina Turk – Letting The Fabric Speak For Itself

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Trina Turk

The iconic California Style designer, Trina Turk, reflects on changes in her company’s approach to commerce and responding to customer needs. (more…)

182 – Does Retail Have A Future? Robin Lewis and Jan Rogers Kniffen Argue It Out

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Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis and Jan Rogers Kniffen are two of the world’s most influential experts on the retail landscape… and they love to argue. Hand on to your shopping bag as we take a look at the massive change happening in the retail marketplace. Also, look out for Robin’s book Retail’s Seismic Shift (link below). (more…)

181 – Fashion Journalism, Feminism, and Mickey Boardman

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Fashion Journalism

Guests Stephan Rabimov, Julie Zerbo, and Mickey Boardman discuss the current state of fashion journalism. Charles Beckwith asks if it can even exist at major publications. The conversation turns to movements like #meetoo and its impact on the fashion industry and culture.

Julie Zerbo is the founder and editor of The Fashion Law. Mickey Boardman is the Editorial Director at Paper Magazine. Stephan Rabimov is the Director of Fashion Journalism and the Social Media Center at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. (more…)

180 – Director of The Universal Studios Costume Department, Poppy Cannon-Reese

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Universal Studios Costume Department

Discussing the logistics of managing one of the world’s largest costume rental houses with the Director of the Universal Studios Costume Department, Poppy Cannon-Reese.

Edith Head Building Universal Studios Lot

Poppy is a former costume designer who stepped into the role a few years ago and brought new organization and technology solutions to the massive Universal Studios working archive.

This is Part 11 of our Los Angeles mini-series.

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